I am a Still Life Photo Stylist with a creative eye and an artistic voice to help you with your brand's expression in a busy marketplace. From editorial to social to e-commerce- we will find the story for your product. I will assist you in creating new product content for your website and social media that will help you stand out. I will work with your artistic team to help organize the creative process for an efficient and fun shoot.

If you are launching a new product line or maybe need a refresh with your existing brand. I am happy to help you find the right professionals for your project. With over 15 years working within the photo industry, I have multiple photographers, additional stylists, art directors, studios, and graphic designers, that I have worked with, including talent agents and models. If I don't know the right person, I will help you find that person; being resourceful in this industry and in a highly competitive city is the key to having that competitive edge. Let's get busy and tell your story.

Skilled in

Still LIfe Styling

Social Media Styling

Storytelling Through Imagery

Who is Devlin?